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Can a Golfer's Toolbox help me with my putting?

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2015 02:34PM EST
Short Answer: YES!

Long Answer: Yes, and here's how! Two important aspects of good putting are the setup and the stroke. The Toolbox will help you with your alignment, ball position, stance, and posture to put you into a solid starting position. The Toolbox is a putting stroke trainer that will help you make a stroke that is “on plane” and create a natural rhythmic repeatable stroke.

The Toolbox works off of the shaft of the putter, not the putter head, which is why it works for any style of putting. To have a proper on plane putting stroke, you need to guide the shaft not the putter head as everyone has different lie angles with their putter head. Getting the proper amount of arc in the stroke while using a training aid that guides the head means you have to have the exact lie angle to match the training aid. The Golfer's Toolbox - due to the fact that you are guiding the shaft - will work for any line angle of the putter. This is a huge difference and what sets it apart from products like the Putting Arc and others in the genre.

The Toolbox will teach you about plane and how it will improve your stroke. It teaches an on-plane rotational stroke where the putter head comes inside the target line as it moves during the backstroke, and remains square to the plane back through impact and then releases on the follow through. This creates a good inside to square to inside path. If you have a very upright putting stroke, the inside to square to inside path will be a lot less defined but it will still be there unless you are putting at a 90 degree angle.

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