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How can I save the best swing for each of my clubs on the Swingsmart App?

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2015 11:44AM EST
The SwingSmart Free App lets you save "your best swing" for every club in your bag. Additionally, you can annotate any swing you take (i.e., hook, slice, new grip, flop shot, etc.). Finally, you can take any swing in your swing log and email it to anybody you choose. If they have the free SwingSmart App on their smartphone or tablet, they will be able to view your swing just like they were there with you. 

A touch of the Marking Button allows you to mark the current swing as your Best Swing. By touching the Marking Button, you can also mark the current swing as either a Slice or Hook. If you’d like to note some other characteristic of your current swing, you can customize your comments by selecting Custom Annotate.

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