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How do I use the Swingsmart App?

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2015 10:53AM EST

On the HOME screen, you can choose Training Mode or Swing Mode.

Use Training Mode when you wish to practice your swing without striking a ball. Use Swing Mode when practicing with a ball.

Once you select either “Training” or “Swing” Mode, you will:

1.  Select your club, so that SwingSmart can log data based on the specific club chosen.


3. SEE the 4 key golf swing metrics clearly and simply displayed for you.


4. If the results were great, press SAVE AS BEST.

With SwingSmart's free app, it's just a one-button touch, and the swing is automatically stored in your swing log as your best swing.

5. SWING. Want to COMPARE that swing to your BEST for that club?  Press COMPARE.

6. Want to see your entire swing motion?  Press 3D Swing View.

The SwingSmart App was created for use on a range or course – so you can just SWING, SEE, and FIX your swing with ease!

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