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Swingbyte Startup Guide

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2015 02:20PM EST
You just got your Swingbyte - what do you do??  Great news: You are four short steps away from recording swings!

1) DOWNLOAD: Download the free Swingbyte app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

2) PAIR via BLUETOOTH: Slide the power switch down to turn on Swingbyte and the green LED light will illuminate. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone (Android: Settings > Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth / Apple: Settings > General > Bluetooth). In your Bluetooth settings, select Swingbyte to pair with your phone or tablet. For Apple users, the blue LED light will illuminate once paired. For Android users, the blue LED light on Swingbyte will illuminate once “+Add Swings” has been pressed on the Swingbyte app.

3) ATTACH: Attach Swingbyte to the club of your choice. Swingbyte should be attached to the club shaft just below the grip, with the power lights up (towards the grip) and the Swingbyte logo down (towards the club head). Lefties should orient Swingbyte at the 9 o’clock position and righties should orient Swingbyte at 3 o’clock. For both, the grey/white seam in the Swingbyte case should be aligned with the leading edge or grooves of your club.

4) RECORD: Open the app and register for an account. Enter basic info and customize your Swingbyte golf bag to the exact specifications of your clubs (including length, loft, lie, and flex) to help Swingbyte more accurately calculate your swing data. In the top left corner of the screen, hit “+ Add Swing” and you’re ready to start recording your swings! Just make an impact - with a real ball, indoor ball, or the ground - and Swingbyte will capture and display your swings.

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